Why Choose a Nerd

Because Why Not

Because a Nerd is dedicated to their craft, meaning they stick to the job until it’s done right.  We ensure our work is up to our standards, but most importantly ours.  So try our painless 6 step process and enjoy.

Who Are We

We are a group of people who have over 15 years of experience ranging from web design to app creation.

Our Mission

Our Goals is to make your life simpler by incorporating new marketing techniques  into your business.  This is in turn will grow your business but ultimately ensure you never go obsolete.

What We Do

To say we build web sites is a huge understatment.  We help our clients by creating a online experience unique to their needs.  This includes apps for Android and IOS, but also print media like logos.  

Our history

When we first started this we were actually just wanting to help our community since we were always asked “can you do this” or “how does it work”.  Fast Forward a few years we learned and honed our skills so we can offer value and at the same time the best support you would get like family.

Our 6-D process


Goal Identification

We work with the client to determine what goals the site needs to fulfill i.e., what its purpose is.


Project Scope

Once we know the site’s goals, we can define the scope of the project. I.e., what pages and features the site requires to fulfill the goal, and the timeline for building those out.


Product Creation

Now that we have a bigger picture of the site in mind, we can start creating content for the individual pages, always keeping search engine optimization in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. It’s vital that you have real content to work with for our next stage:


Visual Elements

With the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual brand. Depending on the client, this may already be well-defined, but you might also be defining the visual style from the ground up. Tools like style tiles, moodboards, and element collages can help with this process.



By now, you’ve got all your pages and defined how they display to the site visitor, so it’s time to make sure it all works. Combine manual browsing of the site on a variety of devices with automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.



Once everything’s working beautifully, it’s time to plan and execute your site launch! This should include planning both launch timing and communication strategies — i.e., when will you launch and how will you let the world know? After that, it’s time to break out the bubbly.

Why choose us?

Our finished product is always guaranteed to be the best work we put on the table. We never finish the job until the customer is satisfied.  

When trouble strikes you got nothing to be scared of, because we always are ready.  Whether you contact us by email, phone, or social media our response will be quick and prompt.

We know the main reason you want us the project.  By making sure we take the time to communicate with you 

When you choose MadNerds, you aren’t hiring a company to do a project, you’re hiring a team to augment your own.  

Above all MadNerds understand you need the best bang for your buck.  That’s why we emphasize the goal identification so we can maximize your investment.

Trust us this isn’t our first rodeo in regards to marketing and design.  With years of experience and some certificates you can be sure you are in good hands.

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Lines Of Code

Would you like to start a project with us?

Simply call the number on the side and watch how we change everything for the better.

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